A Review of The Best Online Survey Sites That Pay

A commonly Googled question is on the best ways to make money online. That question alone has more than 2 billion results, which is a testament to how people want to use the internet to make money. Some of the most common methods of making money online are content writing, graphic design, online marketing, and customer service among others. In this article, we will look at the best online survey sites that can help you make money. Before we look at the individual sites, we will look at how online survey sites work.

How Paying Online Survey Sites Work

Companies are in a constant need for feedback from their customers and their employees. In this, they want to know how the customers and employees think about them, their products, and the services that they offer. These companies use several approaches to get this information. Some have a suggestion box, that is found at their premises. Others use the various review sites to get feedback. Those that want a scientific feedback contract companies to conduct this research. They then pay these companies money to conduct the research. The online surveying companies will then pay you to participate in a survey.

Can You Make Good Money Using Online Surveys?

It is possible to make money answering surveys online. However, as you will realize, the money is not all that good. This means that you cannot use online survey sites as a career because it will not be sustainable.

Paying Online Survey Companies

Inbox DollarsInbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is an online surveying company that was started in 2000. The company works with leading consumer brands like Netflix, Target, and H&R Block, who pay it for user feedback. Since then, the company has rewarded its customers with more than $56 million. These people earn money by taking paid online surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and shopping online. After doing all this, the company will add the funds to your account. You can withdraw these funds using PayPal or direct to your bank account.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is an online surveying company that works in a very similar way to Inbox Dollars. The company has leading brands like Walmart as clients. When these companies want to get feedback from clients, they get in touch with the company. The company then sends the survey to you through email. You can also sign into your account to find the surveys that are available. After completing the survey, you will receive money on your account. You can then withdraw these funds through your preferred methods. However, since the money is not a lot, you have to fill many surveys before you withdraw it.

VIP Voice

VIP Voice

VIP Voice is an online research company that works with companies in the beauty, fashion, electronics, and toys industry. It has more than 3 million members. As with the other online survey companies, VIP Voice gets requests from companies and then sends them to its users. These users then give it their feedback. In return, the company pays them for their feedback. However, unlike the other two, the company does not pay cash for these surveys. Instead, the company gives you points for every survey that you complete. These points can then be used as entries into sweepstakes. If you win, you get rewarded with things like televisions and mobile phones.

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is one of the oldest polling companies in the country. If you follow politics, you have likely heard about these polls. Until 2014, the company was listed at the Nasdaq. It was then acquired by Nielsen, which is the biggest ratings and measurement company in the world. With the Harris Poll Online, users receive surveys from leading companies and non-profits, complete them, and then get paid using points. 1250 points are worth $10, which you can withdraw. In addition, after filling the survey, you are enrolled in a sweepstakes, where you can win up to $10,000.

Pinecone Research


As with the other companies, Pinecone Research is an online survey company that has many big names as customers. After you sign up as a member, the company will send you surveys that you can fill. After filling these surveys, you then earn points. After accumulating points, you can redeem them on the company’s website. The points will expire if you don’t redeem them within a year. The only difference between Pinecone and other surveys is that the process of joining is relatively difficult. Indeed, the first payment will be sent through a check, which you must cash in. This is done to verify your address.

Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos is one of the largest surveying companies in the world. While it is synonymous with political surveying, the company makes most of its money on corporate surveys. Its i-Say service has more than 3 million users who are paid to take surveys. The model is similar to those of other companies mentioned above. However, the company does not pay cash for these surveys. It pays in form of gift cards, which can be redeemed at companies like Marks & Spencer, Tesco, and Amazon.

Final Thoughts on Online Surveys

There is a big demand for online surveys that pay. However, while you can make some money, it is not possible to have it as a full-time career. Also, you need to be careful about companies that put you in sweepstakes. This is because it is almost impossible to win using these sweepstakes.